What’s the story behind the name “ Archer Athletics?“

What’s the story behind the name “ Archer Athletics?“

When I invisioned what would be the perfect name for a gym wear brand, but that has a meaning behind it!

Archer is the symbol for Sagittarius (my hubby is a Sagittarius) - deeper meaning, Archer It is the letting go, the guiding mysterious force behind life, behind our actions. The archer, the spiritual element in the Zen tradition, is more concerned in the letting go with “beginners mind” and how to let go without an intention. Archer is letting go of your fears or negative thoughts about who you are and who you want to become while reaching your goals.

Archer also represents Archery 🏹 or the arrow which reminds me to be a warrior to find the courage to be strong, to find the ability to fight and going for goals, your dreams, anything that you put your mind to it.

This is what Archer Athletics is 🫶🏼

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