What made you create your own brand ?

What made you create your own brand ?

It all started with a crazy idea/dream of having my own gym wear! Prior to starting Archer I began my healthy lifestyle I would constant buy Victoria secret leggings sets, under armor, Nike all the expensive brands, because I live in leggings ! I wore leggings to run errands, workout, Zumba and even lounge around on weekends! So one day this crazy idea came to my head and I brought it up to my husband, he’s been so supportive throughout my journey and only gave me motivation and has believed in me since day 1! Keep in mind my husband is a business man already of course he liked my crazy idea 💡 lol , back story we do own several successful business in which We build together! I remember he said this to me “ you will never know if you don’t try it, what’s the worse that can happen learn from the challenges”

Look at me now 2 years accomplished, and cheers to many more!

Moral of my story if you have an idea in mind go for it and don’t give up, don’t let your fears intervene with your dreams! You are capable of reach tabs accomplishing anything you put your mind and soul to it!! Just remember If god brings you to it he will get you through it 🙏🏼

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